I just wanted something to do, when I'm bored, so I thought about papercrafting. That's something I last did, when I was in middle school XD. Jup, long time ago.

I don't know how I get there but I got to this site on deviantart: http://cyberdrone.deviantart.com there I found things like Gizmo, The Transformers characters and then it totally got me. 

first look:

Just watch the site. I'm sure you'll find something for yourself. 

Tonight I'm going to try a bumblebee and then a gizmo XD. This is pretty cool.

You can find other papercraft designs here: http://www.3eyedbear.com/2011/01/14/owl/ or just go to google and look yourself for some other great designs. 

Have fun

-- Prici --

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