Latest "Stuck in my head" songs

1. Walk The Moon - Anna Sun

It was last week when I turned on the TV and saw this music video for Anna Sun and just thought: "Awesome"

Don't know the band? Watch the Video:

More Information:

2. Young The Giant - My Body and Gough Syrup
Both great songs. Yes, I am watching glee and that's how I got in touch with their music XD.
Here's the music video to My Body. Check it out

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3. Zulu Winter - We Should Be Swimming

Searched for New songs on youtube and wooop found this song right here:

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4. a few other Music Videos


That's it.. for the moment XD
There are so many songs playing over and over in my head and just can't put all of them on here right now XD. So, there's more to come. 

Thanks for reading

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  1. Cooler Beitrag ;) Mir gefällt davon nur Katy Perry und Nicki Minaj. Dafür die beiden Lieder richtig heftig.

    Finde ich toll das auch ein paar doch recht unbekannte Bands und Songs dabei sind :)