Remember his name: KONY!

If you haven't seen this video yet, do it now! A moving 30-minute-movie about Africa and its enemy JOSEPH KONY.

For the past 20 years children in Africa are being abducted, raped, enslaved and forced to kill anybody. If they refuse - they're dead. 

Eight years from now one man, a father himself, promised to make a change. To stop at nothing. To get JOSEPH KONY locked in. 



Please share this Video and spread the word! Only our generation can make the world a better place. Start now! Let the world know about the enemy! Make him famous!

 Donate to Invisible Children: www.causes.com/donatekony2012 

Purchase KONY 2012 products: http://invisiblechildrenstore.myshopify.com/

Sign the Pledge: www.causes.com/konypledge

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